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Blog Tour... Kelly K Lavender's Beautiful Evil Winter

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Beautiful Evil Winter
Fifty Shades of Suspense, Book 1
Published: November 14, 2014

Beautiful Evil Winter - Front.jpg
Multi-Award-Winning Russian Suspense
"...The book is difficult to put down, enticing you to read a few more chapters before bed. In the end, the book leaves the reader satisfied, but the story never fully leaves your mind."  The US Review of Books

After the USSR collapses, a time reminiscent of the unforgiving gun-slinging days of the frontier west, mild-mannered Ethan and fiery Sophia board a plane bound for Russia. They hope to prevail with their homespun plan to secure their son's safe passage to America. What can go wrong? Maybe, an innocent ill fated encounter with the Mafia or maybe, being marked as a target for mob revenge. Perhaps, having to rely on a first-time adoption coordinator to complete the process and shelter them from harm. Honestly, what won't go wrong?
Inspired by a true story, Beautiful Evil Winter triumphs as epic historical fiction about the human capacity for hope, the traumas that shape our lives and the hardships we'll endure for love. Beautiful Evil Winter has earned a list of accolades including an Eric Hoffer Award for "...writing of significant merit" and a Readers' Favorite International Book Award. In stark contrast to Fifty Shades, Beautiful Evil Winter captivates as spine-tingling suspense about the risky yet all-important road to self-actualization and happiness. Beautiful Evil Winter holds special appeal for resilient, smart, resourceful women who rescue themselves and the proud, grateful, unburdened men who love them.

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* Other Books by Author *

Fifty Shades of Suspense, Book 2

Amazon US : AU : CA : UK

Author Bio:

Kelly’s fascination with fiction began in middle school when she entered a book-reading contest and won. As an ardent fan of the resonating narrative and the cliffhanger, she decided to dedicate herself to becoming a skilled writer. When college professors spotlighted her writing in the classroom, it anchored her interest in becoming a novelist.

After earning a business degree, she continued to pursue her education at UCLA, via the UCLA Writers' Extension Program, where her work earned praise from an Award-Winning Author. A rickety project trip to Russia, to adopt a baby boy, provided the inspiration for her debut novel, Beautiful Evil Winter.

Plenty, my second novel, also earned distinction as a DAN POYNTER'S 2016 GLOBAL EBOOK AWARD BRONZE MEDALIST-FICTION SUSPENSE.

Award-Winning Novels:
Beautiful Evil Winter     

Writers’ League of Texas
UCLA Writers’ Extension Program

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Cover/Excerpt Reveal... Barb Shuler's Sparks of Deception

Sparks Of Deception
Shattered Lives Series; Book 4
Publish Date: November 29, 2017
Genre: Suspense/Thriller

Cover Design by: MadHat Books

Where there are sparks, there are flames.


Nothing is ever what it seems. When you think life is straight-forward, someone kicks your feet out from under you.

Starting a new journey in our lives was supposed to be a happy, joyous occasion… but things burst into flame. We have to fight to keep alive, keep breathing, and to find the answers to the questions swirling around us.

I found the love I'd been waiting for when I was thirteen. Today someone tried to take me away from her. They stalk and lay in wait for me to stumble.
But I'm going down swinging. Deception will do nothing to change what we have. Sparks may fly, but we'll fight the fire… together.



A lot can happen in life. Until you live through it, you don’t fully understand the consequences of your actions. Actions have consequences. Who knew, right? These can be either great or small, and some can even be dire. It all depends on you, and the way you carry yourself in life up to that point.
You’d think that growing up in a small town  would save you some of the real world drama. Small towns are supposed to be safe, quiet places to raise families. Kids can be out in the street and not have to worry about getting snatched, or killed by gang bangers or your common drug dealing assholes. You know the kind. My town should have been that way, but it wasn’t. I should have had a loving family, but I didn’t. I grew up in a home that sucked. Like seriously sucked monkey balls. My Gran was a mean old bitch. If you did something wrong, she whacked you with the Bible while shouting “Jesus will save your rotten soul”.  Maybe it was just me she did that to. So, yeah, fun times, man. Not!
Let's not mention my alcohol consuming, drug using and dealing "parents". I have no idea where my biological dad is. The one that was supposedly my father was always out partying and selling my mom off to the highest bidder. Saddest thing of all… she let him. She had no respect for herself at all. None. The few times in my life that I can remember her being ‘sober’ she treated me as bad as Gran, if not worse. It’s as if it were all my fault. She got drunk or high, had a child, and all but abandoned me, yet it was all my fault. I was left to fend off Gran as a kid. I had to believe life could be different.  
My life changed when I was chased down - and I mean that literally - by Deputy Drew Landry. One of Burke’s finest, who had  come looking for my help on a case. I put my computer knowledge to work. In the long run, that day changed my life for the better. It’s also managed to put me in danger a few times, but you know, it’s experiences like those that teach you what’s  real in your life. It’s the difference in what matters and what doesn’t. The who and why of it all, if you will. One day I was hungry and scared to sleep, ‘cause, lets face it, you never knew what Gran was gonna do next if she was having a bad day. My so called parents were seldom around, cause they were always drunk or high off their asses. What role models I had. I wonder if I could have gotten  away with whacking people over the head with a Bible? Might be some fun, ya know? Until they died. Sad thing is, I don’t miss them, I don’t miss that part of my life. I have grown and moved on from it all.
Life has many roads and paths to follow and I am grateful mine has led me to a place where I’m not only safe, but protected (not that I need that now) and loved. I have a family - though they do not share my blood - that loves me for me. I have parents that give a shit about me. And siblings that I love with all of my heart. Tyler and Elijah will always have a big brother to watch out for them, and kick ass for them when it’s needed.
I have two best friends that are the best. We’re thicker than thieves in the bank vault after dark. Alana “Lana” and Carter were all I had for a while. Now that I can share them, and grow with them in a positive light, things have gotten so much better for us all. Lana, Carter and I have had our fair share of troubles over the last couple of years. A lot of that stems from years of not being confident in asking for help. Not being able to feel comfortable standing on our own two feet to say, “fuck you’ to the assholes bothering us. That’s  changed for the most part. I won’t let us revert back to those kids. I’m in the mind set now to knock you on your ass, then ask what the problem is. This is why we get into a lot of trouble now.
The fact that I happen to have fallen in love with my best friend doesn’t hurt. Wait, I don’t mean Carter. Let’s just clarify that. Not that it would be wrong but, no, definitely not Carter. Though I do love him - just not in the “I want to kiss him stupid” kind of way. I mean Lana. My beautiful blonde haired butterfly who literally holds the key to my heart. She owns it and I will always do anything and everything in my power to keep her safe. That has no boundaries. I will not sleep until I know she is safely home and tucked into bed. She isn’t eighteen yet, so there are limits to what is respectful for us to do in public and private. Not that I would ever disrespect her in that way, but a guy can hope that one special day will come. And it will, because she is my one. The one. The moment she decides it’s right. Until then I am her best friend, her boyfriend and her protector.
Now there is a new threat on the horizon, one none of us saw coming. This town is a cesspool of dirty deeds kept hidden for generations. I can guarantee you this, I will not rest until I uncover all the dirty little secrets this town holds. One by one I will peel them back and display them for all to see. The longer it takes me to find her, the longer this search will go on.
No one is safe until I have the woman I love back in my arms.
Hell isn’t big enough to hide in. I will find her. I will find the man that took her and I will have justice. My kind of justice.


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~Meet Barb Shuler~

I’m a Carolina Girl by right and a Texan by birth. Best of both worlds. I have the brass sass to keep up with my Texas sized temper. Living and working in both states i’ve learned a lot about hard work, adapting to your surroundings and making the best of the path that you have been led down. My grandma Dollie once told me I would know what I was meant to do when it happened. She was right, as always.
As with most book lovers, I am an avid reader. Reading has always been a hobby - a passion, really and a way to get lost in other people’s lives, their drama and other worlds. It’s a private movie in your imagination that you get to cast and navigate through, at your own pace. Reading helps to expand the perimeters of one's mind. That is what got me into writing. Writing has been something that I have done since I was a kid. If I had paper, I was writing. Nine out of ten times it made no sense but what are words if they are not to be used to your advantage? Words are a part of us all. Why not use them, right?
During the day I work as a ‘desk jockey’ and help the residents of my county navigate themselves around our little, but not too little country town. By night I am either blogging with my best friends, doing PA work for some of my favorite authors or fighting with the voices in my head. They can be stubborn at times. It’s a blessing and I am cherishing every moment. Tomorrow is never guaranteed so I want to make sure I live the day as fully as possible. For what is my creation, can become someone else's treasure.

~ Connect with Barb here ~

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New Release... Dahlia Donovan's The Unexpected Santa

Author: Dahlia Donovan
Title: The Unexpected Santa
Series: The Sin Bin, Book 5
Genre: Gay Romance
Release Date: November 11, 2017
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Cover Designer:Claire Smith

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 Available now for only 99c 

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When a rugby bad boy butts heads with a retired Marine, which alpha male becomes top dog?

Scottie Monk came out of the womb angry at the world. He's selfish and bitter. "Bah humbug!" rolls off his tongue far easier than "Happy Christmas."

Gray Baird has dedicated his life to public service as a Marine Corps officer and later as a police chief. The decorated hero finds it impossible to ignore autistic twins in desperate need of holiday spirit. He'll be the grumpiest Santa in the world if it puts a smile their faces. And he'll drag a reluctant Scottie along for the ride.

This December, Gray and Scottie collide while unexpectedly playing Santa.

The short story The Unexpected Santa is book five in Dahlia Donovan's international bestselling gay romance series, The Sin Bin. Each one features hot rugby players and the men who steal their hearts.

 Available now for only 99c 

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Rerelease... Bethany Frost's The Witch's Savior

The Witch’s Savior is LIVE!

The Witch’s Savior
Bethany Frost
Release Date: 11/5/17

Trinity, high priestess of the Starlight Coven, is being threatened by an evil warlock. Feeling a constant threat on her life, she finds herself taking drastic measures. Just when she thinks she has dodged a bullet, she meets a sexy British witch. Faced with new feelings for this hot stranger and a constant worry for danger, she has to face the inevitable. Her friends worry, her family has no clue, and in this, she is on her own. Has she finally escaped evil or has evil changed the game?

Tobias is after the witch that stole from his family. Thrown into unknown territory on a mission, he is determined to succeed. When he first meets a beautiful witch, he has no problem following through with his orders. When he has to start fighting his growing affection for her, is where the issues begin. Facing her isn’t the only problem now. Between his family and her friends, there seems to be more to the story than what he has been told. When he starts questioning himself, he gets faced with the ultimate battle; is he fighting evil or will evil cost him everything?

Amazon US : AU : CA : UK



Ever since I was a small child, I knew that there was something different about me. I was always a little strange—stranger than the kids I knew at least. Most people can remember snippets of their child-hood, but I could remember being different since I
could understand adult talk. If I was sad, it would rain. If I was mad, there would be a lightning storm. If I was happy, it would be sunny. Most people would think that my mood would reflect the weather, but I knew that the weather would reflect my mood. I would beg my mom and aunt to explain what was wrong, but they would just tell
me that I’m special and one day I would understand.
    I started talking to my aunt about these oddities of mine again around the age of ten. Her reasoning? Apparently I’m a witch. Not like broom-flying, green witch from Wizard of Oz, but a person possessing magical abilities. So I started looking into paganism, concentrating on Wicca. However, that is not where my story begins. It started with this dream I had my second year of college. It wasn’t a dream so much as an out-of-body experience. I saw a man’s face, brown hair and eyes like obsidian.
    “I’ve been waiting for you,” he said to me. Now I know that this sounds like voices in my head, but I swear I’m not insane. In fact when he spoke to me in a deep voice, I believed that it was just a dream, so I rolled with it.
“Who are you?” I asked, wondering if he could see my face too. He wasn’t far from me, but he was far enough away that I couldn’t touch him. It wasn’t some kind of floating head, but his head was the only thing I could make out.
“You can call me Brian. I had to make sure that your powers were mature enough to handle astral projection. You are growing strong.” My aunt had mentioned astral projection. I had tried it once with some of my fellow Wiccans, but it was difficult. You had to clear your mind, which was hard for me. I had only accomplished the task
once or twice, and it was going into a different dorm room while someone was sleeping, not a completely different plane.
“What do you want?” I asked, wondering how this person even knew me to begin with.
“I want to help you. I would like to meet up with you in reality. How about the quad tomorrow night?” he offered. Now I understand the whole don’t meet strangers, but when you’re a practicing witch, strange is usually quite normal. He didn’t even wait for my answer before I was thrust back into my body. Needless to say I was intrigued. I had immediately rushed to my best friend to tell her of the dream. She was a little more hesitant than I was. She ended up talking me out of meeting him. Who knew what this guy was like? Even magical beings could be psycho killers. So after a few days, I had done my meditation, and before I knew it, I was staring back at Brian again. This time he didn’t look kind and inviting, but pissed off and even a little evil.
“You don’t know what you have done by not meeting me, little witch.” He seethed. Boy, he was mad, and I was even gladder that my friend had talked me out of it.
“Why do I have the feeling that what you said about ‘helping me’ was a bunch of bull crap?” I asked, knowing that he couldn’t hurt me on an astral plane. He laughed maniacally. It was like a laugh the evil scientist in old movies would make.
“You had better hope that I never find you, little witch. If I do, I’ll suck all those powers right out of your pretty little body,” he said, and I could feel the truth and terror fill me. Luckily when you get stressed or tense in a trance-like state, you immediately get thrown out of the astral plane. So I did what any smart witch would do. I put a curse on myself. A curse to hide my full powers and to hide my aura. A curse to help hide me from Brian. A curse that turns out didn’t work as well as I thought.
My name is Trinity Star Silvers . . . and this is where my story begins.

About the Author:

Bethany lives in Kansas with her former military husband, turned railroader, two dogs and a cat. She is a writer by day, and a worker by night. She is working on her teaching certification, learning American Sign Language, and a keeper of many hobbies.

Growing up in Phoenix, New York, Bethany was constantly writing. Whether it was for class or fun, she was always creating stories. She started off writing fanfiction, and after being pushed by her loved ones, finally finished writing her first novel. She is immensely proud to have finished “The Witch’s Savior”, and even more proud to have finished an Anthology piece as well. She is so happy to be meeting so many wonderful people in the writing community, and enjoys sharing and receiving knowledge with the people she meets.

When she is not writing or working, Bethany enjoys spending time with her family. She could have never gotten to where she is now if it was not for her family and friends; all of whom helped in some way to create each novel.

Connect with Bethany:

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Cover Reveal... Morgan Campbell's I'll Follow You



Title: I’ll Follow You
Author: Morgan Campbell
Genre: Romantic Suspense, LGBTQ+
Cover Designer: Wilde Designs
Release Date: December 6, 2017

Love isn’t in Melanie Walker’s vocabulary. After leaving home seven years ago, she never imagined the solace she’d find in the arms of Slade Donovan, least of all, Nick Callaghan. All it takes is one phone call to send her running right into their arms. But those three little words are spoken, and Melanie finds herself headed back to a past she ran from.

It was love at first sight when Slade first met Melanie. Two broken souls finding peace in each other, but neither complete until fate sent Nick into their lives. As Melanie flees from their love, Slade’s own ghosts resurface and threaten to destroy everything he holds dear.

It’s hard watching the two loves of your life struggling with their demons. All Nick can do is be there for them. The strength that binds them together. But when he follows Melanie to Starlight Falls and gets caught up in her past, it’s up to Slade to save them.

Learning to love doesn’t come easily, but fighting for it does. For them, their three hearts beat as one.

Nick takes the tray from me and sets it on the dresser while Melanie walks behind me. She stands on her tiptoes and kisses the exposed area of my neck, just behind my left jaw line. At the same time, she grabs the hem of my long-sleeved shirt, ripping it off me while Nick shuffles to my right. Two sets of mouths, flicking their tongues, nipping at my flesh, making my dick throb for one of their warm mouths.
“Wait, guys. This isn’t –”
“Shh, Slade. Let me and Nick love you. Let us show you just how much we’ve missed you, how much we need you, and how much you need us.”
I groan, again, as they lead me to the bed. It’s not supposed to play out like this. Nick and I are supposed to be seducing Melanie, not the other way around. But I can see the need in their eyes, the urgency, that this is what they want, and fuck, I’d give them the world if they asked for it.
In no time, all three of us are stripped of our clothes, and hands and mouths cover every inch of my body. I want to touch them, to taste them, but I selfishly relish in the fact that it’s me their tongues and fingertips are worshiping.


four books-3.jpg
Grayson: A Bully Novel
Goodreads ~ Amazon US : AU : CA : UK

Finn: A Bully Novella
Goodreads ~ Amazon US : AU : CA : UK

Burning Bright
Goodreads ~ Amazon US : AU : CA : UK

About the Author:
Morgan lives in the south of Texas with her family. When she’s not writing, she can usually be found with her nose stuck in a book, cooking, baking, crocheting, and causing a general ruckus with her friends and family! Filled with an overactive imagination at a young age, she began writing her thoughts down in a journal, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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